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Key Policy Documents from MARD

Reports, Visions and Plans for ARD policy in Vietnam. 

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Studies and findings in ARD Policy

Reports, findings and other documents from MARD, Partnerships or   joint-collaborations with donors and research institutes that focus on ARD-wide issues.



Archived Documents

Reports, studies and documents pre-2007


MARD Key Policy Documents


The scheme on orientations for attraction, management and use of official development assistance, other preferential loans of donors and international non-government organization supports under management of the ministry in the period 2016 - 2020
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Restructuring scheme of irrigation sector" in Decision 794/QD-BNN-TCTL dated April 21st 2014
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Proposal on restructuring agricultural sector towards greater added value and sustainable development (2nd Draft, July 2012)
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Rural Development Policies in Vietnam Transitioning from central planning to o a market economy (April 2012)
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Proposal on restructuring agricultural sector towards greater added value and sustainable development (February 2012)
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Guiding Strategies

MARD 20 Year Institutional Vision to 2020.


* MARD – The Agricultural and Rural sector Development Plan in 2011-2015
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Planning Strategies

Presentation:  Plan for Biotechnology in Vietnam until 2020

Presentation: Overview on Legal Framework on Bio-safety in Vietnam

2010 and 2020 Vision for Planning to change the agro-forestry-fishery production structure in the


                        Northern Mountainous Midland Region

                        north central region


South Central Coastal

Red RiverDelta

Storm prevention and protection planning of Red river and Thai Binh river system

Master planning for the fisheries sector development to 2010 and 2020 orientation 1479/QD-TTg on 13 October 2008

Storm hiding and land area planning for fishing boats to 2010 and 2020 288/2005/QD-TTg on 8 November 2005

Catfish consumption and production planning in the Mekong river delta to 2010 and 2020 orientation 102/2008/QD-BNN on 17 October 2008

Review and re-planning results of 3 forest types in the whole country as the Directive No. 38/2005/CT-TTg


Other Key Documents

Questions and Answers on Hanoi Core Statement

PAR(Public Administration Reform) in MARD Project - Termination Report 2007

Studies and findings in ARD Policy

“Do Partnerships Contribute Effectively Towards Sector Coordination, Aid Effectiveness and Application of SWAp? The Case of ARD Partnerships in Vietnam.”

ISG and Global Donor Platform for Rural Development 2008

( Full Report)  ( Summary)


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