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This section of the website, ARD Reference Documents, functions like an online library, containing key information relating to policy, strategies and plans for the ARD sector, as well as reports and studies from the field. 


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ARD Sector Strategy and Policy:

Key Policy Documents from MARD

Reports, Visions and Plans for ARD policy in Vietnam as developed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, specifically on high-priority topics.


Studies and findings in ARD Policy

Reports, findings and other documents from MARD, Partnerships or   joint-collaborations with donors and research institutes that focus on ARD-wide issues.




Learnings from the Field - Reports and research on priority topics from the sector.


Surveys, market research, Case studies on new applications of technology, reports and research on priority topics with direct application to the implementation of policies at ‘field level’.





ARD Sector Workshops and Consultations


Selected workshops occurring in the ARD sector organized by ISG or its partners. Includes minutes, reports, findings and other related publications from these workshops.




Alternatively, for more information on National Target Programs and MARD priority programs, visit the National Programs Page.


If your organization has something to contribute to these pages – workshop findings, reports or studies, research – email the ISG secretariat at

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