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Report on activities of isg secretariat in 2013 and work plan for 2014

The ISG annually produces work plans that outline the key actions and activities of the ISG Forum to be undertaken by the ISG Secretariat during the year. The annual work plans are based on an overall guiding work plan/operational plan that is produced for every 5 year period. These operational work plans outline the direction, functions and an indicative budget for the ISG forum.

ISG Conceptual Development 2011-2015

As part of the review of the current phase (2006-2010), concepts for the next phase of ISG (2011-2015) were developed with the objective of creating a new coordination mechanism and modality that would be consistent with the changing and developing contexts of the ARD sector in Vietnam today.

Comments and recommendations of stakeholders during the review helped inform the development of ISG Next Phase concepts by consultants Tran Nam Binh and James Smyle.

Under the new phase, the focus for ISG would shift from ODA coordination to service provision in function of policy dialogue, development, implementation and coordination, with a stronger emphasis placed on stakeholder management, networking and policy-relevant learning.

The following report presents the new draft concept for the ISG process in 2011-2015.

  ISG 2006-10 Review Report & 2011 Concept Development – Full Report  (English)  (Vietnamese)

  Executive Summary & Introduction Only


ISG Operational Work plan 2006-2010

The 2006-2010 operational work plan outlines a new work program for ISG process and estimated budget for the 4 year period. The work plan provides a broad framework for future ISG activities than can be modified and adjusted as needed on an annual basis.

 It highlights the key focus areas for ISG including three Core Key Areas and two Supporting Key Areas.

The three Core Areas represent the three main functions of ISG:

1) Policy Dialogue Platform,

 2) Donor and FDI coordination, and

3) Information Gathering and Dissemination.


The two Supporting Key Areas are cross-cutting in nature and are sub-component of each of the three Core Areas

4) Capacity Building and Management processes

5) Monitoring and Evaluation


The ISG Performance Review for 2003-2005, a companion document for the 2006-2010 work plan, identified several important issues for attention during the upcoming period. The recommendations developed for each issue are

reflected in this draft work plan. See all past ISG Review reports.


  ISG Operational Work plan 2006-2010


ISG Annual Work plans

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2006 ISG Annual Work plan


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