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The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MARD) officially established the International Support Group (ISG) in 1997, following MARD’s creation in 1995 as a merger of several sub-sectoral ministries. 

The ISG was evolved from original cooperation and coordination activities within the former Ministry of Forestry, which proved to be a successful approach in coordinating donor support to ensure ODA responds to country priorities.

Today, the ISG process is aimed at general coordination, harmonization, and better dialogue on issues relating to development concepts and approaches in the field of agriculture and rural development (ARD) at the Ministry-level.

The ISG is a forum and partnership where Government authorities, donors, NGOs, the private sector and others can meet for discussion and consideration of priorities, policies, strategies and experience in agriculture and rural development.

The ISG is funded via a Trust Fund, which is provided by the Government of Vietnam (MARD) and a core donors group, through a Framework Agreement.

An ISG Steering Board meets to outline the direction and policy framework for ISG.  The ISG Secretariat facilitates and organizes all ISG activities under the direction of the Steering Board and MARD ICD.



The ISG was established as a forum which supports policy dialogue and development, coordination and the exchange of experiences and information in the ARD Sector. 


To strengthen national ownership, capacity and building of partnerships for effective and efficient utilization of ARD ODA and FDI in alignment with Vietnam’s development goals, in accord with the Hanoi Core Statement.


  • Facilitation of policy dialogue
  • Support of foreign-funded programs and projects
  • Information collation and dissemination
  • Capacity building and management processes.


The ISG facilitates cooperative and coordinated partnerships between MARD and ARD stakeholders at different levels, including:

  • The Annual Plenary Meeting  (high-level forum focusing on macro issues)
  • Bi-annual Steering Board Meetings (focusing of priority setting)
  • International and national conferences and workshops (on specific policy areas or themes)
  • A communications and information System, based on a website with development information, a database of ODA and FDI support and publications, including thematic reports and newsletters.
  • The International Cooperation Network for members of MARDs various departments and institutes to exchange information and participate in capacity building activities.
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