Why using PABs?

The purpose or overall objective of the PABs is more comprehensive than what is stated in the ISG Work Plan. The PABs should contribute to Key Area 1 in the Work Plan - “Facilitation of policy dialogue within and between MARD and donors”. In doing this, PABs should serve as a mechanism:


  • For MARD representatives to raise and discuss policy issues in ISG forum.


  • For donor representatives to present their views.


  • For understanding policy processes, both in MARD and in the donor community.


The final outcome – the PAB product– is forwarded to MARD policy makers (the Minister, leaders of Departments). It will also be sent to all relevant stakeholders for reference and working.


Policy brief Food Safety in Vietnam

Rural Development Policies in Vietnam Transitioning from Central Planning to a Market Economy (April 2012)

Review of the Policy Advisory Briefing Process in the International Support Group


Policy Advisory Briefing (PAB) No. 1: Experiences from the first PAB on "Streamlining CPRGS into MARD Rural Development Strategy"

Policy Advisory Briefing (PAB) No. 2: Joint Statement of Comments from a number of International Donors on the Second Draft of MARD's 5-Year Plan (2006-2010)

Policy Advisory Briefing (PAB) No. 3: Key Policy Challenges for Rural Water Supply and Sanitation (RWSS)

Policy Advisory Briefing (PAB) No. 4: Attracting FDI in agriculture and rural development- status and solutions for improvement

Policy Advisory Briefing (PAB) No. 5: Training Need Assessment in international economic integration for agriculture and rural development

Policy Advisory Briefing (PAB) No. 6: Assessment of agro-products transaction modes in Viet Nam

Policy Advisory Briefing (PAB) No. 7: New Rural Development Policy


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