International support group’s plenary meeting 2011 "Vietnam towards the new vision in agriculture"


Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat and Country Director of World Bank in Vietnam Victoria Kwa Kwa presided over the Plenary Meeting of the International Support Group (ISG) in 2011, with the theme "Vietnam towards the new vision for agriculture" held on 26 October 2011 in Hanoi. The Meeting was attended by over 200 participants from donor community, international and non-government organizations, state own and private enterprises and different ministries.

Export of agro-forestry and fishery products of Viet Nam made a new record


By end of October, the export turnover of agro-forestry and fishery products of Viet Nam has made a new record of US$20.8 billion, higher than the total 2010 export turnover of US$1.3 billion.

Price advantage:

Most of the exported prices of agro-products have increased for the last 10 months compared to 2010. For the fist time, the price of Viet Nam exported rice was almost as Thai rice’s, attaining US$500/ton on average (increasing 7%). Rice was also the key product contributing largely to the aggregated export turnover, i.e. only in 10 months of 2011, Viet Nam exported 6.5 million tons of rice with the turnover of US$3.3 billion (rising 20.3%).

Annual Meeting between MARD Minister and Laos Minister of Agriculture and Forestry


The annual Meeting between MARD Minister, Dr. Cao Duc Phat and Laos Minister of Agriculture and Forestry, Dr. Vilayvanh Phomkhe was held in Luang Phrabang province, Lao PDR from 17 – 19 October 2011. At the meeting, the two Ministers have affirmed the long-time friendship and relationship between the two Ministries and the effective cooperation for the farmers’ benefits. Ministers Phat and Phomkhe have signed the Agreement between MARD of Viet Nam and MAFF of Lao PDR on cooperation in agriculture, forestry and rural development in 2012 and the plan for 2013-2015. In addition to the series of cooperation activities as noted in the Agreement, both Ministers highlighted to importance to bring in private sector as the third party to facilitate commercialization of results from the joint researches such as production of high yield and quality seeds of paddy, corn, cassava.

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