Urgent policies to support livestock production and aquaculture


Several urgent policies have been approved to support livestock production and aquaculture in Document No. 1149/TTg-KTN dated 8 August 2012 such as increasing the time limit of debt up to 24 months and reducing interest rate for borrowed fund; allowing for new loan with the lowest interest rate (11%) for households, farms, cooperatives and private sector to improve livestock and catfish production for export.

FAOtechnical assistance to progressively eliminate avian influenza in Vietnam


Emergency Centre for Trans-boundary Animal Disease Operations (ECTAD) in Vietnam, which is under the Food andAgriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO) supervision said that animal health experts will finalize the regional control plan to progressively eliminate avian influenza in Vietnam.

Hi-Tech Application on agriculture and rural development public-private partnership approach


The International Cooperation Department of Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (ICD-MARD), through the International Support Group, (ISG-MARD), in collaboration with the Embassy of State of Israel, FAO, North Asia Commercial Joint Stock Bank and TH Group Corporation has organized this Policy Dialogue Forum.

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