Poverty rate in specially difficult communes reduces 4% per year in 2012 - 2015


The program target for the 2012 – 2015 is to reduce 4% per year the poverty rate in specially difficult communes, border communes, safety zone communes, specially difficult villages. Particularly, the income per capita in these communes is aimed to reach 50% of the common average income in rural area of the country by 2015; 95% of the commune town centers and over 60% of the villages have electricity; small irrigation project meet 50% of demand for annual irrigation; 50% of the Commune Healthcares are standardized ...

Vietnam and Netherlands inks a deal on horticulture cooperation


As part of the round table conference on the establishment of the Vietnam – Netherlands Cooperation Forum held on 27 March, Vietnam and Netherlands inked a deal on cooperation in the field of fruit and vegetables on 28 March, marking a new chapter in agricultural cooperation between the two countries.

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