Resolution No. 01/NQ-CP dated 03/01/2015 was issued by the Government providing key tasks, measures, and guidances for implementing the socio-economic development plan and the State budget estimate in 2015. As the goals set in 2015, GDP will increase by 6.2%; export turnover: by 10%; CPI: by 5%; Bad debt rate: under 3%; Poor household rates decrease by 1.7%-2%; jobs will be created for about 1.6 workers.

Project on the construction of Agriculture Services Center in Xiang Khouang province, Laos is commenced


The project on the construction of Agriculture Service Center is a part of the Agreement on Economic, Culture, Education, Science and Technology Cooperation between the Government of Vietnam and the Government of Laos. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development is designated as the leading agency and National Agricultural Extension Center is assigned as Project Investor.

Strict regulation on food safety with small-scale producers


Small-scale producers includes the producers of plant seed, animal breed, fertilizer, animal feed, pesticides, veterinary drugs, chemical, biological products, crop production and harvest establishments, fish farming and fishing establishments.

Performance of the agricultural sector in 2014 and its work plan in 2015


According to the report of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development in 2014, quality of growth is continuously improved. Proportion of added value in total production value increased; international and domestic markets of agricultural, forestry and fishery products are developed and expanded. National Target Program on new rural development obtained encouraging results.

Goal of the agricultural sector in 2015 is to achieve export turnover of US$ 32 billion


The year 2015 is defined as the key milestone of the agricultural sector to complete the implementation of the agriculture and rural development tasks. The sector concentrates on the better added value and sustainable development, which are expected to be the results of the strong reform of the agricultural sector in the link of the new rural development and bringing higher income for farmers.

Focus on restructuring of the agricultural sector in the Mekong Delta


In the year 2014, the Mekong Delta provinces have achieved significant and important results in political, economic, cultural and social areas though they had to face with many difficulties... The implementation of the agricultural sector restructuring has obtained initial sound results, positive changes of socio-cultural areas are also realized. Local political system, policies for minority people has been effectively implemented, social security has been ensured at the local level.

Vietnam - IRRI cooperation in the implementation of rice industry reform towards increasing added value and sustainable development for new rural development


On 26-27/11/2014, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) organized a workshop on "Reforming Vietnam’s rice industry towards increasing added value and  sustainable development for the new rural development". Specialists of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development and IRRI agreed on the technical assistance with the main contents: High-quality rice varieties development; Special rice production for domestic consumption and export; Branding of Vietnamese rice; Reduction of post-harvest loss; Rice cultivation measures in response to climate change.

Vietnam and Tanzania strengthen the cooperation in agriculture


Five key areas that Tanzaniadesire to strengthen thecooperatinwith Vietnam, including: (1) Chemical fertilizerproduction; (2) Black teaandoilseedprocessing; (3) safecrop production, safe food value chain; (4) Cooperation in potential business areas; (5) Production o f seeds, which are supplied insufficiently by the country.

Awarding the medal “For the cause of the agriculture and rural development” to Dr. Prof. Gard W.Otis


On 09th December 2014, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development awarded the medal "For the cause of agriculture and rural development" to Prof. Dr. Gard W.Otis, who is Professor of the University of Guelph in Canada and Project Manager on the bees raising and agricultural extension in the rural areas of Vietnam. This noble award is presented to international experts and officials working in Vietnam to express the appreciation of MARD to their proactive contributions to the Vietnam’s agriculture and rural development.

Report of “Survey and promotion of business linkage in the fields of agro-aqua and poultry products project”


International Cooperation Department, in 2014 was assigned by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs to take lead and implement of “Survey and promotion of business linkage in the fields of agro-aqua and poultry products project”, this is one of the projects under the Agriculture and Rural Development Sector Program Support - the period 2007-2013 funded by the Dennish Government.

WB helps the Mekong Delta improve its climate change resilience


The project on “integrated rural development for improving the climate change resilience in the Mekong River Delta” worth US$300 million is funded by the World Bank which aims at introducing measures for better management of production, inter-regional and sectorial linkage in response to climate change and improve livelihoods for the locals in different areas.

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