Preference of 5% is given to PPP project investors


The Government’s Decree No. 30/2015/NĐ-CP was issued by the Government on 17/3/2015 providing guidelines on implementing some articles of Bidding Law related to the selection of investors, in which it is remarkable with preferiential policy to be applied for the investors of public-private partnership (PPP) project, who have the approved feasibility study, report and project proposal.

Awarding the medal “For the cause of the agriculture and rural development” to Mme. Loida Rivera Fabre


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development awarded the medal "For the cause of agriculture and rural development" to Mme. Loida Rivera Fabre, Economic Counsellor of the Embassy of Cuba in Vietnam for her productive contribution to the development of Vietnam agricultural sector and cooperation between Cuba and Vietnam. This noble award expresses the appreciation of MARD to her proactive contributions for her tenure in Viet Nam from 10/2010.

Awarding the medal “For the cause of the agriculture and rural development” to Mr. Atsuki Tomoyose


Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development awarded the medal "For the cause of agriculture and rural development" to Mr. Atsuki Tomoyose, the Second Secretary of the Embassy of Japan in Vietnam. This noble award was respectfully presented to international experts and officials, who have been working in Vietnam with the appreciation of MARD to their valuable contributions to the Vietnam’s agriculture sector.

Regulations on the adoption of international standards in agriculture


The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development just issued Circular No. 07/2015/TT-BNNPTNT dated 14/2/2015 guiding the adoption of international, regional and foreign standards applied in the activities under the management of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development. The Circular takes effective from 2/4/2015.

Strengthening comprehensive international integration


According to the conclusion at the Plenary Meeting of the National Steering Committee on international integration 2015, the Prime Minister Nguyen Tan Dung, Chairman of the Steering Committee requested that in the context of globalization, strong development of information technology, e-commerce, we must proactively catch the general trend and promote comprehensive international integration across all sectors.

Viet Nam and Thailand collaborate to boost agricultural market


The Minister of Agriculture and Rural Development Cao Duc Phat had a meeting with Thailand’s Minister of Agriculture and Cooperatives Petipong Pungbun Naaydhya to discuss the issues related to mutual cooperation in agriculture, particularly the cooperation in rubber tree planting, processing and trade exchange.  The Thai minister said Vietnam has been invited to team up with Thailand and other regional countries to establish a group of member countries for the network aimed to set prices of latex products in the region and reduce reliance on the prices decided by the nations outside the region.

U.S. and Viet Nam to partneron emerging infectious disease threats


The United States Agency for International Development (USAID) has launched the Emerging Pandemic Threats 2 (EPT-2) program to support efforts in Vietnam to better prevent, detect, and respond to infectious disease threats. This program is closely aligned with the key objectives of the governments’ partnership on the Global Health Security Agenda and Vietnam’s adoption of the International Health Regulations.

Viet Nam - Japan: Boost cooperation in agriculture and fishery


At the reception, Deputy Prime Minister Hoang Trung Hai affirmed that the Government of Vietnam encouraged Japanese businesses to cooperate with Viet Nam in the fields of industry, tourism, and agriculture. Deputy Prime Minister highly valued the government of Wakayama prefecture for dispatching expert to Viet Nam for helping fishermen of Binh Dinh province fishing and processing tuna, at the same time, recommended the prefecture to transfer technology, assist Vietnamese business to access market, promote the development of linkage models in agricultural and fruits production.

Efforts to be made for 20% of communes to meet new rural standards in 2015


The National Target Program of New Rural Development makes efforts to reach its goal of having 20% of communes in the whole country to meet new rural standards by the end of 2015 achieved; an average nation-wide criteria of 11 per commune will be reached; ratio of communes meeting less than 5 criteria is under 5%.

Promoting low-emissions agricultural projects


It was reported that an estimate greenhouse gas emissions in the energy and agricultural fields, activities in land use, land-use change and forestry (LULUCF) and waste materials in Viet Nam in the 2020s and 2030s, total greenhouse gases emissions in these 4 fields increases from 225.6 million tons in 2010 to 466 million tons I 2020 and 760 million tons in 2030.

Boosting the development coopertation in agriculture and food safety management with Finland


At the meeting, on behalf of leader of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, Vice Minister Le Quoc Doanh thanked the Government of Finland for having been providing support for Vietnam’s Forestry sector through the projects on forestry integrated with environmental protection, climate change, sustainable development, and forestry sector remains one of the three priorities (Forestry, Innovation, Fresh water and sanitation) in the Finland’s development cooperation strategy.

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