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Food security "Vietnam rice, farmers and rural development: From successful growth to sustainable prosperity"

“In view of being the main pillar of the national food security in Vietnam, Rice sector is required to produce big changes toward sustainable development  in the period 2011 – 2020 and the vision to 2030”  said vice minister Bui Ba Bong, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development   at the  Policy consultation conference on “ Vietnam rice,  farmers and rural development: From successful growth to sustainable prosperity” June 13, 2011 in Can Tho, Vietnam.  

As a result of a number of recent researches supported by Worldbank, following recommendations have been put forward for MARD policy makers’  and relevant stakeholders’ consideration.

  • Recommendation #1: Adopt a more flexible approach to land use planning
  • Recommendation #2: Implement differentiated support strategies at regional and provincial levels and among varied households
  • Recommendation #3: Intensify a multi-sectoral strategy to address household food insecurity and substantially reduce child malnutrition
  • Recommendation #4: Completely separate commercial and ‘social’ rice export strategies and systems
  • Recommendation #5: Government to re-direct its focus from commercial functions to focus primarily on social objectives, ‘public goods’, and risk management.

 The hot and exciting discussion in the above mentioned conference in Can Tho proves a need for discussion continuation on this topic. Therefore, in coordination with Worldbank, ISG has created an E-Forum on Food security for  more  people to talk their view points and policy recommendations on the theme. Please,  kindly you are invited to participate in this forum and make your valuable contribution into policy making  improvement for the assurance of national food security in Vietnam.

Thank you very much for your active  and productive participation !

All documents of the Conference can be download here:

-          Executive Summary.doc

-          Vietnam Food Security and Rice Value Chain note 2.doc

-          Vietnam Food Security and Rice Value Chain note 3.doc



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