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A key part of the ISG Forum is the sharing of knowledge and experience in support of capacity building and policy development.


There are many valuable case studies, research works, surveys, analytical briefs, models and reports being undertaken by various stakeholders in the ARD sector that, through sharing via the web, can enhance the knowledge base of the entire sector.


The ISG website aims to provide a space for a selection of these ‘learnings from the field’ to be disseminated to a wider audience.


The ISG Forum invites all stakeholders to share their knowledge. Reports, studies and other related ‘learnings from the field’ can be sent to isgmard@fpt.vn.


Reports and Studies


Farmer Needs Study 2003 – MARD, UNDP and Royal Nederland Embassy.


Report: Market Research Of The Development Training And Consultancy – Swiss Agency For Development And Cooperation (SDC) 2007


DANDIA Report: Agriculture Sector Programme Support (ASPS) Viet Nam: Capacity Building Support to Vietnam Farmer Union (VNFU) Component: Impact, Lessons Learned and Recommendations.

DANIDA Report: ASPS - Post Harvest Programme for the North: Impact and Lessons Learned Study 2007


DANIDA Report: ASPS – Post Harvest Handling Activities in the Mekong River Delta: Impact and Lessons Learned Study, 2007


Danida Report: ASPS - Economic Returns Of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Component, 2007


Archived Documents

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