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Following the operation for each phase of the ISG Work plan, a review is undertaken to:

  • Evaluate the successes, strengths and weaknesses of the previous period
  • Update and revise the TORs for the next period to ensure they meet current needs and challenges; and
  • Help to identify and scope new areas for the ISG forum

Reviews are undertaken by external consultants, who sample the views of a wide range of ISG stakeholders involved in the Forum and its various activities.

Based on the findings from ISG stakeholders, the ISG review proposes future directions for ISG in the new and developing contexts of the ARD sector and ODA arrangements. It also informs a new work plan and TOR for the following period.

In particular, the ISG review seeks to establish new and valuable key functions and areas of operation for ISG to further enhance policy dialogue and information sharing.


ISG Review 2006-2010

Prior to the conclusion of ISG’s current 2006-2010 workplan, the ISG five-year review was undertaken by independent consultants in November 2009. The review was conducted by international consultant, James Smyle, with support from IFAD, and National Consultant Mr Tran Nam Binh, supported by ISG. A MARD-wide taskforce was established to guide and orient the work of the consultants.

The overall objective of the ISG 2006-2010 review is to:
1) review and focus on the strengths of and lessons learnt from the ISG process in the previous period (2006-2010); and
2) establish a new coordination mechanism and modality for ISG in 2011-2015.
A final review meeting, chaired by Mr Luong The Phiet (Acting Director General of ICD) was held on the 11th of December 2009 to present the preliminary findings and recommendations of the consultants to stakeholders. Following input from the review meeting and MARD internal discussions, a final Project Concept Note and Draft Work Plan for 2011-2015 was produced by the consultants at the beginning of 2010.

  Full Report: ISG 2006-2010 Review & Development of ISG 2011-2015 (English) (Vietnamese)

  Executive Summary only + Introduction

  Annex III + Annex IIIa – ISG Evaluation, Strengths, Weaknesses and Future Roles + Stakeholder Perceptions

  Annex I & II – Review TOR & Mission Agenda


ISG Performance Review 2003-2005

The ISG performance review identified several important issues for attention during the 2006-2010 period.  The recommendations contained in this report were used to develop the 2006-2010 Workplan.

  ISG Performance Review 2003- 2005 Report

(English)  (Vietnamese)

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