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The ISG forum is essentially a network of organizations that can meet, exchange information and share learning in support of policy dialogue development for Vietnam’s Agricultural and Rural Development Sector and other areas, such as climate change, that are broader in scope but which have an impact on the ARD sector.


The ISG forum is about linking key decision makers with a diverse range of actors, to be engaged in the policy dialogue facilitation process.  This includes organizations that are focused on scientific or technical support, bilateral or multi-lateral organizations, NGO’s, member associations and the private sector, among many others.


The ISG Network page aims to identify these actors so that those organizations participating in the ISG forum (including MARD itself) can establish networks of communication with each other, either through official channels such as forums or consultations or to help with information dissemination among interested stakeholders.


The information contained on the ISG Network pages is a foundation only and is not a comprehensive. Over time, the ISG secretariat hopes to add further information and contacts to the pages, with support from members of the ISG network.  If you have suggestions to add more contacts to a section of the ISG network, or to update or add to information contained here, email the ISG secretariat - isgmard@fpt.vn.


MARD Network

The MARD Network is comprised of MARD’s own departments and agencies as well as other Government of Vietnam Ministries and organizations that work together with the ISG in the ARD sector, or in areas and issues that are cross-sectoral, such as climate change... (Read more)


ODA Network

The ODA network is comprised of both Bi-lateral donor organizations and Multi-lateral organizations.  Bi-lateral organizations listed include the international development, aid or coordination offices of countries working in Vietnam. Bilateral organizations often supply direct funding for ODA projects and programs in Vietnam and/or technical and policy support, research and information or help to build capacity in Vietnam.


Multi-lateral organizations include those which perform major roles in the field of development and poverty reduction, such as

UN organizations and the World Bank.  These organizations are regular partners in MARD and GoV programs and play a large role in information sharing and capacity building... (Read more)


NGO Network


The NGO (non-government organizations) network includes major International NGOs working in the fields of agriculture, rural development or rural populations and livelihoods.  It also includes GoV associations and agencies that working together with NGOs in Vietnam .


The NGO network is not an exhaustive list of NGOs operating in Vietnam.  For a more comprehensive list of NGO members, visit the VUFO-NGO Resource Centre website... (Read more)


FDI (Foreign Direct Investment) and the Private Sector


This section comprises of member organizations and associations that represent various stakeholders from the private sector in Vietnam, such as small and medium sized businesses, and businesses operating directly in agricultural or fishery related sectors. 


Through member associations, members from the ISG network can forge a greater link with wider networks of private sector businesses and stakeholders, which are an important part of the policy dialogue process.


This section also contains information about FDI organizations, which play an increasingly important role in Vietnam’s further development. Dialogue with these organizations will be critical in the alignment of investment opportunities with the Government of Vietnam’s priority areas and in facilitating... (Read more)


Partnerships, Projects and Collaborations


Similar to the ISG, the partnerships, projects and collaborations listed in this section operate in thematic areas.  They are the result of the cooperation of several organizations (usually international organizations together with the GoV) to join together ideas, share knowledge and share resources and capacity to achieve a specific goal.


Partnerships include Policy Dialogue groups, such as the Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Partnership specifically aim to share knowledge and encourage dialogue between stakeholders on themes.


Collaborations are joint-ventures between the Government of Vietnam and others (sometimes bilateral agencies) to achieve a development outcome or project goal, such as improving the productivity of agricultural practices by improving knowledge share through research.


Projects are also often joint-ventures but that have a more focused set of outcomes and objectives, such as the development of an M&E system for Food Safety or a model for farming.


This section also includes groups that join international associations together with Vietnamese associations to share a common voice, such as Dairy Vietnam or Asian Farmers Association... (Read more)


Academic and Technical Assistance


Policy development and planning in the Agricultural and Rural Development sector is dependant on accurate, timely and valuable information and advice. 

Many academic and technical organizations, universities and policy advisory bureaus operate in this field in Vietnam. 

This section includes the organizations that are responsible for providing MARD, Multilateral and Bilateral organizations with studies, reports, data and research.  It includes both Government of Vietnam academies and institutes as well as international institutes that contribute to the knowledge base of the ARD sector... (Read more)



The Vietnam International Cooperation Network of Agriculture and Rural Development (VICNARD) is a network of members from various staff of MARD departments, institutes and universities who have responsibility for ODA activities. 

The network aims to strengthen MARD international cooperation efforts through regular dialogues, information exchange activities and short term training courses.

The network is a focal point for information dissemination and supports horizontal communications within MARD... (Read more)



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