ISG Plenary Meetings


The ISG Plenary is the highest-level body of the ISG forum and provides an open thematic forum for briefings and exchanges between stakeholders on MARD’s and GOV’s current development policies.


Each year, the ISG Plenary Meeting is attended by over 100 participants from Vietnamese Ministries, the donor community, international organizations and INGOs. Chaired by Vice-Minister Bui Ba Bong, The Plenary Meeting is an important high-level policy dialogue forum based around current themes and issues in the development of policy for the ARD sector.  It allows cross-sectoral, external and provincial input and discussion on themes, policies and plans, leading to more effective policy development and planning. The themes and structure of the Plenary meeting are set each year by the ISG Steering Board.


The Plenary meeting helps sets the direction for further activities to take place during the year in support of high-level policy development, such as:

  • technical-level consultations;
  • the formation of ad-hoc working groups, meetings to discuss implementation issues and studies
  • the production of knowledge to be shared through the ARD sector, such as reports, case studies and policy advisory briefings.


Reports, minutes and agendas for each of the Annual Plenary Meetings are available here:

ISG Plenary 2013


ISG Plenary 2012


ISG Plenary 2009


ISG Plenary 2008


ISG Plenary 2007


ISG Plenary 2006


ISG Plenary 2005


ISG Plenary 2004


ISG Plenary 2003


ISG Plenary 2002


ISG Plenary 2001


ISG Plenary 2000

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