Policy Dialogue


The communication and exchange of information in support of policy development is a key focus of the ISG forum. 


Workshops, meetings and consultations are organized to facilitate policy dialogue between MARD Central-level and Provincial levels and between relevant agencies, Ministries and departments within the Government of Vietnam and also with external stakeholders, such as the international donor community.


Policy dialogues occur at several levels and between different stakeholders according to identified need and function.


All documents relating to ISG Policy Dialogue activities can be found on the relevant page:



ISG Plenary Meetings


The ISG Plenary is the highest-level body of the ISG forum and provides an open thematic forum for briefings and exchanges between stakeholders on MARD’s and GOV’s current development policies.


Reports, minutes and agendas for each of the Annual Plenary Meetings are available here.



Provincial Dialogue Development


On occasion, activities and meetings are organized at the Province level, to improve the coordination and relations between province, central level and donors. The aim of these activities are to improve information exchange between Hanoi and the provinces so that policy impacts and lessons learnt can be shared, contributing to better policy development and implementation.


Further Provincial Dialogue Development activities are planned for 2010.


Thematic Dialogues


Upon identification of a policy need, the ISG will form a workshop, working group or meeting to review or examine a specific thematic or technical topic.


These thematic dialogues can respond to essential or emerging policy issues, identified by the ISG Steering Board, ISG Plenary or MARD.


Formerly, these dialogues were called Thematic Ad-Hoc Groups (TAGs). 


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